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Illuminated bed Answered

Ok I'm really kind of new to electronics but I'm going to throw out an idea and if anyone could help me with this I would be greatly appreciative. I'm building a platform bed and I saw this picture when looking for ideas I instantly fell in love with this lighting. Bed

But here is what I was thinking, what if I do my room in a different color? How could I make it look good? Then I thought RGB. Now what Im thinking is using Red Green and Blue Led's each I would imagine each would have to be on a different circuit and hook into some type of controller that can modify which one is brighter. I would think there would be some type of board I could hook up via usb and some software to change values of light. So if anyone has suggestions on what size LED's, resistors, or what kind of board I would need Please let me know I really am lost as to where to start. Also about how many would i need of each to have a good glow like this if its any help Im going to be using a queen size mattressBed


in fact,i think warm white led strips better than rgb led strips!

The easiest way is going to be to buy an LED under car body kit and get converter to step down to 12 volts.

I really like this idea and think I might look into it.  Thanks for posting!

The car lights are already at 12 Volts DC. You need to convert them to run on 120v.

just get some 12v RGB LED Flex Strip (about $4.50/ft) put 2 feet or so under each side and throw a RGB controller with remote (maybe even one with a mic/audio effects) on it and plug it into a 12v power supply and you are good to go
should cost around $70 for everything or you could save some $ and wrap a 3ft section around a bucket under the center of the bed and you would still have plenty of light coming out to get some neat effects

I did exactly that, 5m strip with remote from ebay


christmas tree lights will work grate and give your room a nice feel done it to mine and like it a lot all depends on what colors you like



10 years ago

Huh - I had totally forgotten about this one:

Lighted MALM bed: an all-IKEA hack

Can't find the "TRETTIOEN LED lighting strip kits" this one refers to, so maybe Ikea discontinued them. However, I did find a multicolor DIODER lighting strip. "You can shift automatically between 7 different colors or select 1 at a time."

$49.99 for 4 sections of 25cm (9 3/4") each. Not cheap, but this seems just what you're looking for. And a good deal cheaper than the £179 (~$350), 7-color version on the website you were referring to. (That one covers a longer length though - a more fair comparison would be 4 of the Ikea sets at $200, versus the fancy British set at $350.) In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if those guys simply buy the Ikea sets, add a little control circuit, and pocket the difference...

Perhaps on the fly you could use holiday rope lighting? LED would probably be best, if you hurry you might get it on sale.

Is that a new-age nite light then ? ;-)


10 years ago

Well, there are all sorts of high-powered RGB LED "wall washers" available, but that would be overkill in therms of price and effort for what you need. I suspect the cheapest and simplest solution for you may be to buy three strands of LED Xmas lights (quick - I think they just went on sale! ;-) You may be able to find colored ones. If not, you can probably color them by hand using a marker. Perhaps a solution which might rankle some DIY purists, but hey - can't beat the price or ease of effort!

Thats ideal!! Do you know of a usb interface i could use to control it instead of the manual switch? I can't wait to get this started and make my first instructable

You could use a uC with analog outputs,( or a digital-to analog converter), and use a 232-to-USB converter (ie MAX232) to interface it with the computer. ...or use an Arduino, which can do all that >_>