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I'm 13 and There's this boy who I might love and I'm not sure if he likes me back or if he's just playing around. Answered

I'm 13 and there's this boy who I have been hanging out with for about a month or two. We laugh and talk and joke around with his friends. He calls me babe and tells me he loves me in a playful way, and try's to get me alone so he can talk and looks at me a lot. everyone says he likes me, and every time they ask him he gets mad and playful but doesn't deny it. he calls me babe in front of everyone and tried to hug me. I'm not sure if he likes me, but so far everyone who has seen us together thinks we should date, and now everyone asks how me and my stalker boyfriend is doing, since he always looks for me at lunch and sits a little too close.


It's called being friends. Your both too young to be talking about love.

If you don't like his attention tell him.

Love is in first sight , what you really likes is love.

is instructables really the place for this?

Talk to him. Be very clear and direct in what you say.

It may or may not work, but it will be good practice for when you are working up to longer-term relationships in a few years time.

Also, search the Q&A section - we get a lot of questions like this, and a couple of minutes of searching can save you having to post your own questions.