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Im 14 years old and i've been trying to find a "Get Rich Quick" scheme for years so i can buy a laptop. Answered



make a cheap sponge like the scam... i mean shamwow guy.

Hey, those shamwows really work.  I would totally use them.

i know people that have them and they said they dont work at all.

who believes tv? the news only has a 30% accuracy rating. rush limbaugh has a 99.8% accuracy rating. so there you go. the only thing tv is good for is the weather-and that is wrong most of the time also.

Which isn't all that suprising for a show made with 90% opinion. ;) 

They are doing maintenance??? on the site and we lost the answer link today.  Maybe they will put it back up.

i was going to ask why it wasnt there, but then i realized, wait, i cant!

You can add a "Question" link in the tool bar by your "You" if you customize it.

Psychic?  I knew you were going to say that before you posted it.

that has to means he is 100 percent accurate to go up that much.

The way to make a small fortune in a hurry is to start with a large fortune.

There are no get rich quick schemes other than working your behind off.

If you want it, put the effort in to earn it. Mow lawns, shovel snow, anything that will pay. And remember that any money spent on candy, comics, or other things delays your acquiring the laptop.

Thank you this was the only helpful thing posted on here.

(Think about it. If any of the get-rich-quick schemes worked, we'd all be rich.)

This post really touched a nerve wow!

You could try a Pontzi scheme, also known as a pyramid scheme but it is illegal.

Hey kid, get outta the way.  We're all trying to look for the get rich quick scheme and it ain't looking too good out there!

Hey, I got some beachfront land out there in the Everglades that's soon gonna be a new Disney park.  Wanna buy some?

PLus if you've been saving for years you should have been able to buy a great laptop by now!

Isn't that the point?  (S)He hasn't been saving for years.  Instead, been searching for a get-rich-quick scheme, and spending all the money on cheap sodas and video games.