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I'm Back...? Answered

Ok guys, I am back (after 2 days)! The reason was because someone hacked and deleted my account so I have to start afresh. Any ideas for me to post?


Only admins can delete an account, and we'll only take action after we receive a request through service@instructables. It was me that pushed the button to delete your account, as we got an email request from an address that matched your profile. Since you are posting this that was obviously not an action requested by you. I suggest you update your passwords as it appears you have been compromised.

Give me a few days to resurrect your old account. Sorry for this.

hmmm... Maybe a mod to knex gun or maybe try making your own knex gun!

I would suggest something else but I don't know what else you're interested in.

Well I figure you know how you like your knex guns by now, and you deffinitly know a couple mechs to use. Deffinitly worth a shot.

I am gonna do that...but give me a good first gun idea.

Well how I ussually start is with a handgun design for the body (unless I'm really sure what I want it to look like). Then as i'm building I ussually will get some sort of inspiration as to the complete picture so I'll add a stock if I was seeing a rifle or so on. Guess it all starts with putting something together, trying something new and then envisioning what it could look like.

That's what I do anyway. If you want maybe a shape to aim for, maybe something like red's shell ejecting rifle except make the front end sloped kind of like the AR in NOVA. It doesen't have to eject shells.

Anyway those are just suggestions take what you want =D


So, who were you and what account was maliciously deleted? The admins should have been able to recover it.

Yes, someone managed to hack my account, change the email, and then he might have sent a request to service@instructables.com. This, OTOH happened at midnight, so I got an e-mail at midnight for my accounts e-mail change and in the morning, when I checked my e-mail, I saw that one and went on Instructables ASAP, just to find my account deleted.

I haven't talked to an admin yet. Can you name a few who can do so?

The admins with that kind of power are contacted via that email address.