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I'm Bored Answered

I'm really bored and stuck at work with nobody around and nothing to do. Somebody entertain me


Hey, right now I could do with some boredom....I have just gotten off the phone with the wife and she is reaming me out for not handing over my entire paycheck to her, so she can spend it in 3 days, and so we have to squeak through the next 2 weeks until I am payed again. I would gladly welcome some boredom. Want to switch places ? :-|

Aahhhh. Does she have a home shopping channel addiction, or a catalogue addiction?? My grandma has over three grand in credit card pileups from those people. And what does she get? A fancy ornament that looks like an outhouse that she can put in her outhouse themed bathroom.

she is possessed by the devil called eBay. But her exorcism is nearly complete ;-)

Scary. I'm slightly addicted myself. Not that much. I go on thinkgeek. But recently I've been noticing that the products i've been getting aren't so satisfactory. The caffeinated chapstick, coldheat, t-shirt... they just don't stand up to my specifications. T-shirts designs wear out after only a few washes. OOPS... kinda went off on a tangent there.

Here's an idea, work?

Work?! Geez, what do you think we are, human?

I work, how about you?

Lawn mowing, Dog Bombing, Paper Route, Babysit, you can do stuff like that. Why not??

its picking up dog crap. And why, why did you change your avatar??? I liked the old one better.

Picking up ? I thought bombing was dropping.....ok, never mind. I changed it because of recent home front developments. >:-( about which I am not a happy camper....

dog bombs, i've also heard mines. hidden and concealed within the grass. they come out of nowhere. Home front developments??? Not trying to pry, but please, explain.

Oh, and BTW, for some reason, around here they call those Dogie Diamonds LOL I guess because they are found where least expected LOL

Financial quibbles......things are set now, I just have to allow the ripples from my change in strategy to fade out (ripples? Tidal waves more like.....but the seas are becoming calmer now). ;-)

Where have you been?!

It steller space I assume LOL (-)

My grandfather worked in a salt mine when he was 12.

i love salt. If i could, i would work in a salt mine.

As far as I know they still allow things like paper delivery and whatnot down here.

In many places a paper route is just not practical. Especially since they can pay someone to deliver 5x as many papers from a car.

So let me get this right, he's at work, to work, being paid to work, and probably being told to work regularly, yet he wants to sit on the computer and play games? I see nothing wrong with my assumptions

my job is to sit and watch....... I was doing an off duty....... they pay me $100 bucks an hour to sit in one spot in uniform and wait to see if something is gonna happen..........as long as I don't miss the action (which never happens at this off duty) then I'm doing my job

Municipal Police officer. the hourly wage is so high because its paid by a company or buisness that wants or requires a dedicated police officer. its basically overtime but the only reason to agree to do them on your days off is the high pay that we get paid out in cash at the completion of the shift. in windsor where I am there is great demand for off duty officers......... all the local bars hire one for fri, sat nights.......the bridge the hospitals alot of the hotels......the LCBO (liquer store)........... lotsa money in off duties...... but there boring as hell.......unless you work the bars but then the wage dosen't seem high enough

lol........ unfortunatly not............. gotta be a cop first to get off duties......... you gotta where your uniform and have your police radio and gun. Policy is off duties when your off duty. couple guys got canned actually..... for working off duties when they were on shift. that and most off duty shifts are scheduled through the police service

Ugh. He said he wanted to not be bored, didn't he? ;P

Runescape isn't boring!

The only time I could ever be bored is if I was prevented from doing anything, and distracted so I could think nothing....imagination is a lost skill I guess. ;-)


10 years ago

If you've got access to office supplies this might be useful.

This is you:

I am bored.gif

I thought I was the only one who knew about this site. Awesome site!

Yey! I go there too (can't say "yay", copyrighted by Mykhailo and Mepain <.<)

what they copyrighted it? crap... i just said it not too long ago. nooo mykhailo will sick his cats on me again.

All I did was google for "I am bored", and it was near the top of the list.