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I'm Done Answered

Hey everyone in the knex community, I have come to say that this message isn't pleasant. I am done with building knex guns now. I have focused more on real life and I am planning to join the military. I want to serve my country for a few years after 1 year of college. I don't want to play with knex or toys anymore, and I will focus on more important things. 
So, thank you all for your consideration, especially my subscribers. You are all great people.
After some time, you won't see new CODawesome knex guns.
i know that I am not a popular instructables user, and I know that many people will be like "ugh, no one cares!" 
This is a message for all to those who supported me in the past.
Well, goodbye knex guns.


*sigh* Don't fool yourself. This is a common teen thing. Once you actually reach college, you take another step toward "true" maturity. Even then, we're still making steps. But in college, you'll see that no one cares anymore what you do. Your hobbies are your own. We have a bunch of geeks up here on the couches that play magic, watch anime, etc. My group of friends, we all plan on getting Pokemon X and Y. I still K'nex. But then I also have "mature" (lol) hobbies such as airsoft, biking, and programming. I may not build something for long periods of a time, but I -know- that I'm going to want to build something eventually. I'd wager it happens to almost every single K'nexer. They say they want to quit but then eventually, sooner or later, they suffer from withdrawals. Don't think you're going to quit. Don't become a tool of society who thinks we are all cookies from a cutter. Live how you want.

This is exactly what I would have said TD. Don't come to conclusions too quickly. Just because you feel like K'NEX are a kid thing, and just because you want to grow-up, doesn't mean that you HAVE to stop K'NEXing. And, feelings pass. Everybody feels at one point or another that they would like to quit a hobby, but the feeling will pass. Don't just to conclusions to quickly.

Keep in mind that i am not being 'forced' to quit. I've been thinking for a couple weeks about quitting and focusing on other fun hobbies, like airsoft, sports, and making my own guitar riffs, because i am growing up, and i tend to like these fun hobbies MORE than knex guns. But it's nice knowing you, man. I will be off this site after i post instructions of my semi auto MP5K, because people want to see it.

There are a few people in the military that are on instructables.
People in the military still play pokemon/digimon/magic the gathering cards, i bet you will find someone who plays with knex.
The military hires like the biggest number of nerds out there.

Talk to a recruiter when you hit 16/11th Grade.

ya, but i am going to change my hobby not because i'm forced to. I got more into airsoft rather than knex guns. also i would be doing more important things in school, too.

When fighting the axis of evil, nothing says you can't ible while on duty.

"Nothing like the smell of fresh pine cones waiting to be policed in the morning...wait, pinesol, it smells like...Victory."

True, but i am going to quit knex because of the stage of growing up. Later on through life, i have to start searching tor colleges, take exams (SAT), and focus on the real life rather than making knex guns.

Hey man; the real world will still let you play with knex (probably not in the military) I started on this site after I graduated high school. You can balance school and hobbies and don't think that life should prevent you from doing what you like to do.

In the military you play with bigger and more expensive toys.

Yeah, but I kinda switched my hobbies around, and it chose to change it before Junior year. I would switch my play style more towards airsoft rather than making knex guns. I'm changing, and we all go through it.

Okay, Well have fun with whatever you end up doing!


4 years ago

Keep in mind that K'nex is by far not all that Instructables can be used for. It's a big world out there, and lots of interesting stuff can be found and posted on this site. Just because you're done with K'nex, doesn't mean you have to be done here.

Yeah, I am going to quit knex soon to get myself out of the teen-child behavior and become an adult. In general, adults usually don't play with toys, huh? But who knows, I might make something else totally different than knex! :)