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I'm Pleased to Introduce: Answered

My good friend Acidbass has finally joined instructables! So yay, I actually know someone on here for real! Haha, so, 'nyways, Acidbass is funny, suave, cool, my better in many fields, and all around a great guy :)
So if ya'll would be willing to introduce yourselves...


soprano (or whatever one you have on your avatar

It's a tenor...

How long you been playing for?

3 years but yeah i play soprano for my church band

i play the organ for my church... churching?

what kind of organ????? ( i play electric bass guitar too)

ZOMG!! You, me and Matt, make a rock group....

what would u do and what would matt do

Me lead guitar, matt second guitar and backup vocal, we needz a lead vocal....

thinking back on it now that would be awesome if we could do it I do play bass now

well when i met you I did not i have only been playing for about 3 years

one question why does it seem that you are more talkative when you are in cambridge then when you were living 45 minutes away from me lol.

You are the one whos being talkative. Gotta FB?

not really I always talk to you. You just take forever to respond normally.
no not yet

if u r thinking me i will have to think about it we need a drummer unless u want me to have a preccusion sounding bass which totally awesome

I agree, I'm currently learning acoustic guitar, I know a guy who's the drum major at his high school but he wouldn't be interested... We will discuss this further.... Today, if possible.

we talked about 4-h and you got decked by matt

I was leg sweeping mat, then sis4/4 whopped me with the briefcase...

that is the most bull puckie i have ever heard i watched matt flip you over his shoulder

i have and he said u got yourself decked

Poppycock!!! We'll settle this next time....

is that a threat my young padawan/friend???? "strong with the force this one is but not strong enough" quote by yoda

I've got years on you!! >.> <.< Possibly...

hhmmmmm angry u r getting my padawan????? leads to the dark side it does

come on man i was j'king with u see ya tommorow

does this sound familiar oh its ok it is hard to offend me and if you do i bounce right back

I am not offended, simply irritated :P

so when do u want to get together for the boating thing????

we'll work ouut some details next CDM meeting, and so we don't keep bumping this thread we can talk via orangboard

thats cool hey i know this one elvish chick but shes like 8000 years older than u thats the way with all of them

hhmm r u know well a new 1 i have for you over it u shall get

hhmmmmm good 1 i must say my youngling