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Im Really sad. Answered

i got a hair cut, it looks nice, but i miss my fro, all warm, now when i go out side, i have to wear a hat. i hate it.


I'd so have a fro if it weren't for the awesome mop I have already...

Yeah, I had a mega-mop when I was your age. I miss it :-(

Hehehe.... *headbangs with hair flopping for little or no reason*

Rock on! *headbangs with not enough hair to make it worthwhile* -*spends next 20 minutes recovering from motion sickness*

I've been getting the same haircut for years, "trim, layer, 3/4 up the ear and taper the back, NOTHING FANCY!" and occasionally they still screw it up. One time the stylist decided to "thin" my hair and left me looking like I had alopecia. It's hair, it'll grow back,probably.

Hoo-ah! Go to a regular Barber Shop, with old guys doing the cutting and old guys sitting around jackin' their jaws. Tell 'em you want an "army reservist" cut and you'll get just the right thing every time. That's what I've been getting for 20+ years (I leave it a bit long on top just 'cause the wife doesn't want me looking too weird :-). I learned to like it in the Reserves, and it's stuck with me ever sinse.

My Grandfather retired (CSM) from the reserves. He always went with the short-but-dignified cut, when he could get to a real barber. Now that he's been reduced to a hairdresser (he doesn't get around well), he wears it like Einstein!

Heh! I only made SSG (and didn't stay in long enough to properly retire). The senior NCOs usually had far more conservative cuts than I did (and certainly more than I do now!).

I thought ROTC was the byproduct (you know, like they put in pet food :-). We had much fun with newbie 2LTs in my first unit.

I was in the CE (communications electronics) shop, and one of the new platoon "leaders" insisted on having his own desk and field phone when we went to the field one weekend. You know, in case the battalion commander had to get a hold of him...

My boss (a warrant officer who was a project manager at TRW in Real Life) arranged everything for us. We took the rubber bungs off the wire clamps on a phone and set it up at the "desk" (field table) in Lietenant Dip****'s tent, and ran wire back to the commo truck. When we tested the circuit, we used a second field phone and cranked it as slowly as we could, so the ringer kind of went "clank clank clank".

We ran the "test" several times, running back and forth to the truck, always with the same result. Finally (with Lt DS getting more and more huffy :-) we explained that, "maybe the connection is loose. Could you help us, Sir?" We actually got him to hold onto both wire clamps with his thumbs (yes, one thumb on each!). At that point, we connected the phone's wires to the switchboard and flipped the ringer switch.

Apparently his scream was heard in an adjacent unit's camp and they called us to see if we needed help ;->

Gee, the training NCOs always taught us to spit or lick the BNC connectors to get the antenna on a PRC77. I suppose a little moisture helps to drop the resistance. Haha.

A little friendly fragging is always fun and to keep everyone on their toes.

Was your motto: We get less done in a day than most people do before nine in the morning. USAR?

Indeed! Much better than An Army of One: That's All We Can Afford

what does an army Reservist hair cut look like? You got too much hooah if your trying to stay compliant with AR 670-1 after 20 years :-)

The reservist cut barely meets the guidelines, so it still looks normal the other 28 days of the month :-) Back in the day, I'd get my hair cut on Thursday or Friday before drill, and not worry about it until the next month. Now I usually let it go for two or three months.

im AD but i got mad respect for the Reservists. Its harder for them to get promoted and they deploy more often. They arnt as lazy as the national guard is. (i kid, the national guard is good people too)

Chairborne to you, young man. (Nasty guard is good. I kid too.) Good luck being the frozen chosen. I was RA a long time ago before I traded it in for a corporate suit. Any brother or sister in arms deserves respect and thanks for the family sacrifices he/she makes no matter what they do. Stay warm and safe!

Wow. Are you deployed or Stateside? ...Oh, duh ...How are you liking the DMZ? I joined the Reserves to help pay for college, back when it was a safe, Cold-War duty assignment (1984-1996). I got to serve my country without the actual danger. I have the most respect for those of you in the line of fire, and am not at all sure I'd have handled myself nearly as well as you all are doing today.

I went to the DMZ once. The most heavily guarded boarder in the world is a tourist attraction.

It could be worse I could be stationed at fort sill.
Im going there next

it could be worse...

They took Cookie Monster off of Sesame Street. I don't like it.

why the heck you did that ? but dont worry just keep the hair as un-cute as possible and it'll become normal right on ur eyes

It COULD be worse....MUCH worse...


He looks like a random dude to me. You could have used Nacho or Kiteman's pics though.

Looks like it could be Kiteman, 15 years ago ;-)

I try, when expenses allow, to keep mine fairly short too, believe it or not....here is the latest (note my beard has gotten bushier then my hair :-) :

Mikes Pics 020.jpg

Seems you are doing well...blending into the surrounding Amish country. :)

Vell nah, I don't haft ta long hair like many of em do, nah.

I see, you are just a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witness_(1985_film) Witness].

But think of all the cool hats you can wear...

Yeah, my semi-annual cut is due. I get it cut short, and grow it a little too long.

So that was you that added me on myspace..

I used to only get a hair cut like twice a year, whether i needed it or not. :-) Now i have to get one every 15 days or my boss beats me. I just get a high-n-tight with #3 top and skin on the sides. I dont have to do nothing to it; I dont even own a comb

I got my hair cut to just above my shoulders at the end of summer after having it be past my shoulders. I didn't really like it because I was so used to having longer hair that looked halfway decent.

Needs a caption... I loathe haircuts, mainly because it grows so fast and people can't decide which suits me better, so I get people going why'd you cut it? and others saying that's far better keep it shorter..


9 years ago

I have to admit that every time I get a hair cut (two or three times a year!), it takes me quite a while to get used to not having the Fro any more. Cheer up! Back when I was a teenager, I once got a haircut that was so bad that my mom dragged me off to a hairdresser to see whether they could fix it (beware corporate barbershops!)