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I'm a home theater system. Can I wire speakers directly to TV/ Blu-ray/ DVD or will I need a reciever? Add ideas too. Answered



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Some powered speakers will accept 'signal' level audio direct from a tv or other source, but you really need a receiver to unlock the true power of a home theater.

Even a cheap one with digital inputs and 5.1 will sound 100x better than 'just tv speakers'.

If you are willing to spend the extra, there is a world of difference between 7.1 and 5.1, you have to hear it to believe it.  I have a ghetto 5.1 setup and it gets the job done.  I can't have much bigger/better anyway, since my apartment has noise rules :S

The difference between 7.1 and 5.1 isn't that big.
It's only noticeable with movies made in 7.1.
And a cheap one won't sound better than the TV speakers if you have a good TV.

I've listened to a 200 dollar tv and 5000 dollar tv.  The speakers are always garbage.

They don't have very good amplifiers, or speaker hardware.  They often don't have much in the way of dynamic range, especially because bass literally vibrates the screen  causing visual artifacting.

My 5000$ Samsung 850 has much better speakers than my cheap Sony 5:1 surround system  with the speakers it came with.

I'm not saying they're good, but I'm saying they're better than a cheap system.
By cheap, I mean less than 500$.

Okay, perhaps my hyperbole is a bit harsh...

"I've never heard tv speakers that could beat a cheap surround system".


"Every extremely good tv I've watched was hooked up to a home theatre setup, cheap or otherwise".

> perhaps my hyperbole is a bit harsh
.  ROFLMAO  You're pretty funny (... for a Canadian). ;)

Two words:
Mike Myers.

Too bad those aren't really words....

That works better when their names are spelled the same.

I got picked on horrifically by a 'mike meyers' in high school. 

I have a career...he's unemployed.  I think he might be out of jail now.

yes, u can connect any home theatre that is 2.1, 5.1, 7.1,home theatre to pc, t.v , dvd...............
home theatre comes with built in amplifier so dont need to buy any amplifier
just check how much connection u can give to that home theatre on back of home theatre .as much connection on back panel that many appliances u can connect. if only one connection than put hub
u will need only wire.which could be 2 output ( from dvd player rca connector ) to 2or 1 input ( to home theatre) , 1 output (from pc ) to 2or 1input ( to home theatre) same way for others
u can also connect u r home theatre to dvd player , tv  3.5mm socket that is pin of u r headphone. pc has 3.5mm socket only as output.

i have home theatre2.1 3000watts to which i connect my pc ,dvd player , tv and it works fine. but dont run every appliances at a time. u will here remix of all.


8 years ago

oops i ment Im gettin a home theater syst...

Whoa.  Does your owner know that you can ask for your own installation advice?  And where did your owner buy you?  I want a home theater system like you!

Actually you need an amp and speakers.  If you have or find a good amp without the receiver you can probably use that.

You NEED a receiver.