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I'm... back? Answered

I like the community here. I really do. I've obviously been gone for a long time.
I've missed out on a lot of stuff. I want to come back, but things are so different now.
With pro and everything. Damn.

I want to come back. And I think this is my official return for now. 

Yes, I'm serious. :)



|Howdy,   you're back and my back is back (ponder that one for awhile  LOL)

Although I don't know you and am at a loss over your previous participation (did you perhaps have a different user name?), I say welcome to the community.

Welcome back - you can now pick up my commenting slack while I'm gone for a week! :D

You are not my friend on myspace anymore... WB.

Welcome back!
(Why'd you leave, and...You left?)

Welcome back!

And did you notice who welcomed you first?

.  Welcome Back

.  I couldn't get the video widget to work and was too lazy to insert by hand.

What was with all the hiatuses???

Dude, welcome back!

Welcome back dude.  I haven't been very active around here either; with college applications and the course load of AP classes, I can only pop in once a day or so.


8 years ago

Welcome back! long time!


8 years ago


Welcome back.