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I'm back! (Read if you care about me...or have heard of me) (UPDATED) Answered

Hi guys! I am most ashamed. 2008 is practically over already, and I have come to the startling conclusion that, I didn't make anything this year!!! Instructables-wise at least. A whole year went by and I didn't publish a single instructable. School has been tough this year, tons of homework, projects and such.

But don't worry! This year will be different! I vow to publish more instructables this year! It's been a year since I got here, and its about time I did my share! I promise you! New instructables! Better quality ones! More useful! Im baaack!

Nothing can express my feeling more than this:

Don't call it a comeback!
I've been here for years!
Rocking my peers,
and putting suckers in fear!
Making the tears
rain down like a
listen to the base go

UPDATE: I made a new ible: How to choose a good password: A few quick tips to staying safe

*I'll fix the title later.

It;s just a couple of tips on.....well...how to choose a good password.


You're back!

You left?

Who are we talking about?

what about his front....right ?

We really need a "rolls eyes in pun-induced pain" emoticon.




*Spleen bursts from laughter*


Nah, I can't imagine kiteman being that sort of person.... the You Numpty is like an actual picture of him! I vote he uses that as a new avatar! To warn ne'erdowellers (How on earth do you spell that?!!!) of the consequences of their actions......*Imagines kiteman hitting a chalkboard with a ruler*

Nah, he needs to save it in his back pocket, and attach it to every comment he makes during a YEC-hunting campaign :-) Were I more seasoned around here, I might beg Caitlin's Dad There, I've done it! I've puctuated him! to make one for me.

Gee, Drill Sergeant, I've never been puctuated before but I'm willing to try...

Try your hand at photoshop or gimp, Kiteman's avatar is open source. I think Ms. Monk made it. There's a big forum topic on it.


I think Ms. Monk made it.

Ah hem. I made my own set of adjustments that went into the final one, I believe :-)

And another thing, are we going to reach an equilibrium with your punctuation ?
WARNING: Geek joke

I think I'm unbalanced, the unknown factor in the equation.

You do know I was picking in the punctuated equilibrium name, right ? :-)

I thunked about it but couldn't comprehend your MENSA-level figure of speech. 'splain for me :)

Well, punctuated equilibrium is used to explain the impossibility of half formed organs and groups of organs that appear without obvious predecessor. I just reversed the 2 word phrase and applied it to the situation at hand :-)

Ah, I must have fell asleep in biology class, that might explain other things too.

Well, I know they didn't teach P.E. (not phys. ed. :-) when I was in school. The teachers still believed in the chart on the wall demonstrating amoeba to man progression on gradual steps all defined and well understood. That had already changed in the minds of evolutionists by that time, but the teachers were never required to get an update :-)

Aw, thanks, but I cannot tell a lie-that avatar is not my work at all. :-(

I'll try, but I haven't your artistic skills (let alone the artistic skills of a drunken sea slug...). Thank you!

Wanting an avatar, kelsey? Ask and I'll bet you shall receive...make a forum topic and see what you get! There are some awesome artists on here.

GASP! How DARE you punctuate his name?!

His power and skill deserve capitalization, and all those consonants in a row need some articulation :-)

Yeah...but then he'd just be boring regular old Caitlin's Dad, instead of *Sparkle*caitlinsdad *Shine* *sparkle* *sparkle*

You know that the pupils are outside of the irises...

Yeah, his pupils have a mind of their own and run amok sometimes...

Yeah, that one has been floating about for quite awhile ;-)

Um, that's YOUR left, not his......he is facing towards STAGE right :-)

Keith-Kid's back. Keith-Kid Moon, The Who


It is great to read you again! So what instructables are you going to plan to post?

You haven't made anything? Are you sure? You've "made" two instructables in the past year. That counts! I'm sure of it!

Bring baaaaack the green suit...