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I'm back, what has changed and where are we now? Answered

Would just like to know, does anyone remember me? I'm the guy who posted ALOT back when knex guns hit the internet for the first time which was six years ago! :O is there anyone still here from then? Like Mepain or Killerk?

and has anyone made a full auto gun which isn't a rotary gun that doesn't use a chain?


Awesome, cheers for the huge amount of info Dunkis, do you have any links to true bolt action rifles? That is quite and interest of mine :D

I lied, I remember you perfectly well now. Took me a moment. As for the bolt actions, here's a video by SK when we were working on the concept together. Basically, I think there were top loading ones at the time, but they were inefficient so I requested his help in making a bottom loading one that would actually be used for better range. Then Zak apparently got a hold of the concept from SK and made his own. From there, surprisingly, only Zak really owned the following on bolt actions. SK's was never posted and no one else really bothered trying to make their own. Well, I tried but didn't have enough pieces. There were a lot of mods of his, though. BB made it breach load and Mepain made one with a removable magazine. As for instructions, here's the basic V2 one on KI.


6 years ago

Wassup, bro? Stop by KIchat sometime.

Some times*

The chat isn't always active (as unbelievable as it is, everyone does indeed have a life, most have jobs), so check back a few times.

Well, first off, I don't remember you. But if you were even around the time I was, I was probably still a newb.

Secondly...I don't even know where to begin. The vast majority of ibles vets have gone. Some of the later vets (I guess those around my time) are still around, but still a good chunk of them left. The core KIers (i.e. ooda, Mepain, Bitz, etc.) are, I don't know exactly how to put it, in the reserves? Basically they aren't building much, but they're still around. KK is around, but off and on.

Guns...hmm, I guess some of the highlights:
-Handle fed side arms because a fad after I posted my TDS.
-Someone did make a crank automatic gun, but it shot airsoft bbs.
-Another trend replacing the sniper rifle trend was making K'nex "assault rifles" which consisted mostly of generically designed, modular, aesthetically based weapons.
-Sling shot rifles became pretty popular for a time. After being done to death, they're not too big now, though we're still trying to make a practical repeating slingshot.
-The creation of "oodammo" (which is pretty much standard now) led to a huge wave of new weapons. Bitz and I were the first to display repeating pistols based on this new ammo, and soon after a fad followed. The MeZak was the most popular of these, with my Oodassault series and some by a guy named KillerSafeCracker also did quite well.
-Folding weapons developed a bit, but they never really picked up as a fad like other ones, it was more of a challenge between several of us to make them slimmer.
-The next biggest thing started by KK was the turret trend. He made his TR8 weapon and suddenly everyone is making one. Plenty of other different weapons have been developed also using turrets to increase strength.
-Another thing I neglected to mention earlier was that the bolt action concept was developed and improved. Basically, a round is pushed from the magazine into the chamber separate from the other ammo to increase range.
-Another big yet slow thing at the moment is making repeating shotguns.

I'm probably missing quite a few things, most of those were things I was either directly involved in, took interest to, or couldn't avoid, so I'm probably missing other things I cared less about.

ya dude i am inventing i true semi auto bolt action mag fed slingshot sniper rifle

ya i think mepain an killerk are on here still those names come up alot and guns have got better and stronger