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I'm bored! Answered

 I'm really bored and I want to build something neat, can someone suggest something cool I could do with these parts?? Armed with soldering gun and other parts in my parts bins, I'm sure I could make something cool/useful??

(P.S as far as the capacitors, I wouldn't mind making a rail gun)

I have this so far I want to use:

Bank of capacitors (several large amplifier capacitors and some smaller power supply caps)
One rather large relay switch (I tested it today, it works!)
One "temporary" toggle switch, it does NOT stay on when you flick it, dual pole

Does anyone have any idea?? I also have things like hundreds of smaller caps (is it possible to make an effective capacitor bank with tonnes of tiny capacitors?? I also have oodles of ferrite cores and RF chokes of different sizes (I was wondering, would the larger RF chokes I have, work as subwoofer coils??)


Make a big noise machine, low-frequency rumbler that makes people think there's a big-engine in your room?


 Well if you see in my other topic I JUST posted last night, I ended up using this stuff in the pictures for a capacitor bank.

As far as making a low-freq rumbler.. I like that idea, how would I make that? I like making things that spook people. Just like I plan on pulling the old microwave transformer out of our burnt out microwave in the shed, and then Promptly making large bolts of electricity infront of my mother and scare the living sh(t out of her!

You should not scare your mom like that.  You will be sent to your room for the rest of your...wait a minute...

 Lol there is no such thing as "grounding" me anymore. I think the last time she tried that was when I was 11-12.

When I told her today that I plan on ripping parts out of her microwave, she said she didn't even want to know what I planned on doing with them.

Well, if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, stay away from any "reuse" of the magnetron....no need to microwave your brain this early in the game :-)