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I'm currently working on a mech but I need to get an idea on the interface system, so what would be the best fit for it? Answered

Actually I'm working with a few others on this but (as you would expect) our funding is quite low. Right now however; we're trying to decide what the best type of interface system we could use on our mech (yes a REAL, FULL SIZE, WORKING, Mech.) and so I'm turning to the Instructables community for help. Thanks in advance, Jake PS: If you want in on the project then you can email me (iwantmountaindew@gmail.com) with a list of skills you believe could be useful in the building process and I'll get back to you asap or if you just have a question about it that's fine to. [edit] And to respond to my first (and currently only answer) thanks for the help btw, the motion tracking is a great idea and would help improve the user interface greatly. However, what I'm referring to when I say 'interface' is how you would control and interact with it, your reply was part of the answer and will (hopefully) be implemented into our UIS (user interface system). Thank you and I hope to get many more answers soon. Jake



9 years ago

well, try looking into motion capture systems. basically a special suit with dots on it, and cameras that track the movement, each set of points would relate to the mech's body. then put the pilot in a harness in the air, and have the mech piloted remotely, saves the pilot from danger. And good luck.


Answer 6 years ago

There was a control system similar to that in the game "Crazy Ivan" :)


6 years ago

I had some sort of idea based around this, it depends how you want the way you control it work, you can use joysticks and varied amount of levers
I had an idea for a sort of exoskeleton design, where it would more or less mimic your movements using some sort of pressure switch to calculate movement..


7 years ago




Childish? maybe.

Practical? Definately.

whether it was best for playing MW4, or the fact that the first two controllers are based off of actual pilot controls, there are enough buttons and switches and levers on those joysticks and throttles that integrating those exact models or a similiar system into your mech will definately cover any things you may need covered. as long as you are sure about your project, I would like to be kept updated and while I have no university degree experience I can help you with, I might be able to give you ingenuitive ideas.


8 years ago

Use a PS3 Controller :P