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I'm getting a 12kV 30mA neon sign transformer, How do I make the output variable so I can turn the power up or down?? Answered

Title says it all how do I make it so I can turn the power up or down? thanks for any help =D


A classic method would be to use a "variac" to drive the input to the transformer, every experimenter should have at least one.

Here's a UK supplier I found
but Variacs are available from everywhere.


Do you know of any stores that sell these? cause I can't order much or my parents start asking questions and freak out haha don't worry they know this could be lethal

THat depends where you are in the world, in the UK, you can go to Maplin and buy one of the shelf. I'd look at online surplus places, or Ebay.


Ok don't immediately dismiss this thought, but Could I simply use a 120V light dimmer?? 

Not a good idea. These transfomers won't like it.


And an isolation transformer would be a nice accessory to this bit of stuff.

I believe you would need an item called a VARIAC to do that.  Please be carefull because that unit puts out 3 hundred and sixty WATTS of electricity!  That amount of voltage and amperage can kill you.  Some experimenters build TESLA coils and ....  even though they are HIGHER voltage... it is almost ZERO AMPERES and somewhat safer than a neon sign transformer.