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I'm getting kinda bored, is somebody posting something worthy then tell me Answered

if you post something crappy and you tell me I'll rate 0.5*


you could build a larger versen of my pool table and make that work just sayen

i am gonna make a dock

I am making this new knex game where you must take out the opponents defense and destroy their base with different types of small guns. You can also move your people around so they can get a better shot.

That's not new at all.  That idea's been around for a while.

It is new for the knex games I made. I have not uploaded another version before as this is the first one that I uploaded so it is MY new knex game.

You didn't say it was new just for YOU.  The idea has been has been done by other people.

I have not made it yet. I am currently making the foos ball table game but have not uploaded any knex stuff for a while because of exams. Foos ball should be here sometime in June.

Nope.  No one is posting anything worthwhile.  Go outside and play.

so you think your own projects are just waste of time?
because you're saying: No one is posting anything worthwhile.
So that leads me to the conclusion that there isn't anything worthwile on this website...

Have you considered requesting that your username be changed to "Mr. Literal"?

ok, maybe I took that a little too serious, that's some nice ibles you got there!

:-D  Thank you very much.  You can tell from the dates that I haven't done anything new in a while, but I sort of consider my daughter an ongoing project ;-)

You said you were bored, that'd keep you amused for a while.


Since you seem to know what you're doing on this site, and I'm new on these pages, perhaps you could tell me if these posts are worthy:



I wanted to include a picture in the text of the second article but I couldn't get this done so I put up a link.

Trying to tell which way the train went by looking at the track

Hi, the trains article reads more like a Forum Topic as it's information over a DIY. I did not know there was a grading system, that's interesting.
The other one is also a real insight to something I knew nothing about, but similarly, some pictures and a DIY are really needed for an Instructable.


+1 - Agreed on all points.
Both contain interesting information, but would need expansion and example photos in order to turn them into functional Instructables.

I'm posting an Ible soon of a new ball machine lift. :-D

Ok, that's awesome, I'm looking forward to that!

sorry for late reply I was on a school trip to london :-D

Try reading the projects yourself.

if you guys find a good one it's such a little effort for you to tell me :-D

 i am posting some ok things (not tooting my own horn as you americans say)