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Im going on a road trip for 12 hours any suggestions on how to pass the time? Answered



I suggest getting a stack of audio books on CD from the library. If you local library does not have many that you would enjoy, ask them to order some from the other libraries in the county.

Puzzles: sudoku, logic puzzles, crostics, crosswords. Something to keep your hands busy: knitting, crocheting, braiding. Write all those letters you've been meaning to send. Write thank-you cards from the Last Major Holiday where you received gifts. Make some lists-- the places you want to visit, the kinds of houses you hope to live in, the colors you want each of your bedrooms to be painted, what famous works of art you'd steal from major museums to install in your own place. Good book. Magazines. iPod with video or a hand-held DVD player and headphones.

Hi, You're not driving I guess, so this is a bit of a challenge. Sleeping is an option, but may not be practical. If you were driving through 12 hrs of something to see taking photos and keeping a diary might occupy your time but may not amuse you. If you think the ride will be smooth enough write something? L