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Im going to spain. Answered

Im going to spain for a week on the 16th of july. i wont be on instructables for that week unless i have access to a computer. (i probably will)


Did you learn any spanish?

i love the music! lol, i kinda discovered that when i got there lol!

I know this a late reply, but to be honest, I really don;t think anyone would miss you at all.

is this still hiyadudez??? the whole point of this topic was that people might of think id left because im on ibles evrey day and i told people i was gonna leave... and you just a ...

Sorry about that, I hope you make it back.


sorry about what? lol, thanks!

It was a failure of humour. I do hope you have a good trip
(who won the World Cup?)


Yanks have a VERY different sense of humor to us Brits.

lol! its still 0-0 in extra time...

The octopus is the only winner (assuming he got someone to go to the bookies for him...)


lol!!! spain won!!! lol

If you see a short (like REALLY short 1m 35cm)dirty blonde with huge bags under his eyes and a billabong cap and white sneakers say hi. His name is Ben Higgins, if you know that it will freak him out, then ask him if 'Imogen Scopes' is still calling him. ROFLMAO I can't imagine the look on his face... :P

Sorry, we are in a two year battle, and I'm still trying to get him back (he won).

I just got back from my vacation from the coast of the US.

Yeah....Except we got a flat tire on the way there........

Not fail........EPIC fail!!!! LOL! XD XD XD

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Have a great time. i just got back from a trip to the grand canyon, bryce canyon, zion and LAS VEGAS!!!!Pr

thanks! luky!!! kool! pr???