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I'm gonna make a pastel (pastelle?) Answered

A pastel is a very sought after caribbean dish. Many people crave it because of its rarity, for you see, you need caribbean ingradients and caribbean know-how Those who can make these, can really impress their friends. I'm gonna make a pastel (pastelle??) instructable soon. I just wanted to ask, has anyone very eaten one? did you like it? Do you know stuff about it?


oh pasteles. I had them, oh, many years ago at my sister's preschool potluck, there were some Puerto Rican families. This was probably 25 years ago, and I remember how good they were. I had some at a fair a few years ago, not nearly as good, very soggy tasting.

Oh well come to Orlando, we have great Puerto Rican food. ;-)

Haha, I went there, and its true. We expected to talk a lot of english, yet every single restaurant and most stores had a puertorican. It wasn't much of a trip for me, since I expected to finally put my english to the test, yet it felt like I had just taken a long drive on Puerto Rico.

Since it was a trip out of the country, we stayed on a stric Hamburger and Pizza diet. The United State's (un)official Diet.
Oh, And I guess Disney World was fun too.....I guess.....meh...(It was the most awesomerific explosiontastic Asmafantastical mythical magical unfathomable experience of my entire short little life!!!!)

Does it really count as a trip "out of the country"? Wikipedia says Puerto Rico is a "independently governed" territory of the US, though I can't quite figure out what that means. In any case, your English is quite good, and Caribbean recipes are welcome. I like Jerk occasionally, but I don't think it likes me anymore :-(

As far as commerce is concerned....

United States Code 15 Commerce and Trading:
267. ``State defined
As used in this Act, the term ``State includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any possession of the United States.

I'm assuming you don't live anywhere near orlando, every corner market sells Cuban, Puerto Rican and Caribbean food. No I didn't like it, No Papas Rellanos are Awesome. Yummy potato balls.