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I'm having a very hard time logging in and staying logged in Answered

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone else has a hard time logging in.

My browser (google chrome latest version) stores my password and username but I can't get myself logged in!
It keeps sending me to the how to share page (the one's with the explenation for step by step, movie etc) without actually logging me in. So every time I press log in with all my saved username and password ready I get send there.

Only after fiddeling around with it until I didn't log in with the pop up screen but with one in the normal screen it logged me in but even then it logs me out after a few pages. Don't really know what's happening but hoped you guys would know :)



Hi, Michel. Quite often, when a software update gets rolled out on the servers, the changes involve backend scripts, JavaScript on pages, and/or the format or content of cookies. Any or all of those are likely to lead to making the pages cached on your browser incompatible with the site.

They'll display normally (because that's just HTML), but the fancy "features" driven by JavaScript may fall on their faces in weird and unexpected ways, including the dreaded log-in infinite loop :-/

The best thing you can do is to clear your browser cache (or "history"). If that doesn't help, then also delete cookies. If you make use of the Failbook-Instructables ball-and-chain-of-doom, you should probably log out of your Failbook account as well.

If none of that works, then come back and add information about your browser and operating system version to this text, so Staff know what they need to be testing to reproduce your problem.

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