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I'm having headaches everyday; what could be causing them? Answered

Ever since week 2 from the start of school, I've been getting headaches... and lots of it. From headaches, day 1, and a week thereafter, the headaches happened twice daily. Now it's week 3, and the headaches seem to be subsiding... a bit... Now I only get a few headaches every other day.

What can be a viable explanation to this madness?

In case this helps... I've limited my drinking of CocaCola since the past few months. I've started drinking water more often. I should be taking vitamins, but I forget to do so. What more is there? Yeah, we've received a lot of homework since school, day 2. Normally, I don't take in a lot of stuff just like that, but I was forced to do so under these circumstances. Perhaps, a combination of stress and vitamin deficiency?

UPDATE: Headaches are subsiding now. Just a side note: it's as if everyone got headaches at the same time as I did. Multiple people received their dosage of headaches at roughly the same period. One of them was pregnant (understandable), the rest were college freshmen. I believe we can say that the headaches originated from a bit of "shock" from entering school (our homework instance rates upped by more than 100%!)


Stress is proven to cause migraines, headaches, and bodyaches so find some time every day to sit somewhere quiet and take deep breaths and be happy. It may seem silly but it seems to work for me!


Go see a doctor if you can. I know it can be difficult, but unexplained headaches are nothing to fool around with.

A possible cause that nobody has mentioned yet is allergies. One of the (many, many, many) ways that my allergies manifest is through headaches -- I guess sinus headaches, probably. So allergy medication might help.

Good call. I don't have allergies, so that is outside my experience, hence, why I did not mention it.

Could also be a mild cold that has settled in the head. Some can last for weeks.

Doctor time, methinks.


Not to jump on the bandwagon, but you should seek professional advice for what could turn out to be something other than standard stress.

Now for my opinions.

From the others:
'Eyestrain can cause headaches.' Get your eyes checked, make sure you have enough illumination for your studies, check out how you use your eyes to study. You may need to modify one or all of these to help.
'Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches.' Have a coke and see if it helps a bit. Since you haven't completely cut them out (?), this may not be it, but it may contribute. Same thing with sugar, try some orange juice and see how it affects you.
'Stress, strain, exercise etal.' These will normally manifest in the upper back and shoulders. If you are knotted up and the shoulders/neck feel as if they are made of concrete, you need to loosen up your muscles. Assess your posture, before, during and after studies. You my be able to change something to help alleviate any poor practices you notice. You can also massage (or get a massage) to release the tensions built up there. Worry can cause tension also. Assess what is really necessary to worry about. Remember, worrying too much does no good. It will only prevent you from doing your best.
'Diet.' Eat a healthy balanced diet to keep things fed with the proper nutrition. Eat all food groups as doing so will keep your body (and your brain) functioning at tip-top levels. Don't completely cut out the so-called bad things. Use moderation. Right now your body needs fats, salts, sugars (as I said, in moderation) in order to keep up the extra level of activity caused by learning. Your brain DOES burn calories in the process of thinking and having an imbalance of electrolyte, and fuels can cause problems. Keep hydrated - try not to drink too many diuretics (things with caffeine). Notice I said "not too many". Drinking some are OK. The word to remember is 'moderation'.
'Seek professional medical assistance.' This cannot be stressed enough. We are not doctors. We do not know everything. Your case may be more than what our "collective" has experienced. A real doctor can actually examine you and make a much better determination than us cyber folk.

Take these things for what they are: advice. Try them and see if they help. If you do, and you still have headaches, at least you can tell the doctor what you have tried. This can help them to narrow it down quicker than just saying " I have a headache. Make it go away."

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.


Like everyone has already said see a doctor for persistent headaches.

It might be caused by your eye sight. I use to get headaches as soon as school started, and after some tests, they figured out I had astigmatism. So get your eyes checked too.

Talk to a doctor.

But if you where a heavy coke drinker only a couple of months ago then your headaches may be due to caffeine withdrawal. If that is the case they will go away over time.

Stress, strain, too much exercise, too little exercise, you really need to see a doctor.

try your symptoms here


BUT it does not replace seeing a real life doctor.

Seriously, medical issues should be handled by a medical professional and not random people on the internet. You seem to have the home remedies (reduce sugar, reduce cafeine, more water) under control. Seeing how they persist talk to a doctor...

persistent headaches need professional advice.