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I"m having some problems with the drum kit. Is there any thing to remedy this.Red & Blue not working all the time Answered

The red and the blue sometimes don't work. Never happens to the symbols or base or green.Is there anything to remedy this problem or some where I can have it fixed besides Activision.Please Help  SINCERELY,    TIRED OF PLAYING SOLO,    (MARK)



8 years ago

Take the pads apart and check for loose wires. Repair any broken solder connections you find. Since they do work sometimes, odds are if the connections are bad, they're just loose.
After checking and repairing the wires, remove the piezo sensors and scrape off all the rubbery glue that holds them in. Replace the rubbery glue with something more rigid like hot glue or epoxy. This will greatly improve the responsiveness of the pads.
If you need more details, there's an Instructable in the Related bar to the right that will be helpful.