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I'm having trouble getting over my first love,can anyone provide me any advice? Answered

i shared ALL of my first experiences with her and I'm heart broken... really need some help here



9 years ago

You've suffered a loss and are grieving. There are several online sites that can guide you through the grieving process. At one time, these sites were usually geared for people who had lost loved ones, due to death, but I think they can still benefit you. For many people, the loss of a loved one is the same, regardless of the reasons why, or how. Try searching for, "list of grieving" as a starting point. I think it helps to know, in advance, what you might be up against, while you're griving. in this way, you can prepare yourself, for when you're going to be going through I hope the process is quick for you ::: smile :::

Connect with friends and family, watch a lot of fun movies, go out and play sports... Choose any activity that makes you feel good and isn't self-destructive (that rules out drinking and drugs). Get out and do those things a lot. Here's a couple of very theraputic activities that you may not think of: 1. Write poetry or stories. These can be fiction or fact, long or short. Write a whole novel if you have to. Write for yourself, nobody else. This activity helps you sort out your thoughts, gives you something new to focus on. Maybe you'll even get it published in some form one day. 2. Go take a hike! If there's a hiking trail near you, take a day off and start walking. It's an activity that lends itself to zen-like mindlessness and it will reduce your stress considerably. If you aren't near a hiking trail... a walk in the park, a walk around town, or some mall-walking are decent substitutes (but there's nothing like the great outdoors). Both of these activities helped me in some of the WORST times in my life. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk, I'll be glad to offer help and advise or just listen.

Ouch! That's a painful one. I'd say get out there and date others. Don't be looking for love while on the rebound, just go out and have fun. The pain will (mostly) subside with time.

Agreed. There is no easy or quick solution, just time and the knowledge that things will get easier. Do not try and forget her - she's been a big part of your life - but try not to compare future girls to your first love. Do not try and recreate them in the image of your first relationship.