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I'm having troubles logging in and downloading PDF files Answered

I've already payed for a "Pro member" but I can not log in nor download any PDF files. I've tried the "right clicking my mouse and choosing 'Save Link As...' " but nothing happens!

I already sent a couple of e-mails to support@instructables.com 2 days ago but I got no response from them.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,



I contacted support@instructables.com and the problem has been solved. Thanks.


3 years ago

Same problem here in Brazil

I you haven't emailed support yet, I can help you if you can let me know what exactly the problem is. Are you having troubles logging in or just with downloading PDFs?

Download PDFs. But now, my account don't show PRO anymore. However, I'm PRO, because I made the payment today.

Hmmmm... As far as the pro membership goes, you will need to contact support@instructables.com to get help with that.

Same problem for me... I live in France…

Hehe, as you typed, the staff were probably at home, eating breakfast.

Well, "two days ago" was the weekend, plus they are in California, running to Pacific Standard Time.

Look for a reply in the next 24-36 hours.