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I'm in the New York Times!! (So are some other people you might know) Answered

I'm in the New York Times magazine!

After Randofo posted about their Innovation Contest, I submitted a few of my projects, and my beach-skates got chosen as a judges winner!

OK, so they've reduced an entire instructable to two dozen words and and an icon, but I'm still in the second-largest newspaper on the planet!

(Oh, and two others of the top four choices are also Instructablers...)



6 years ago

See! I told you those things were awesome! Congratulations, you deserve it!

Meh! I could have a bigger party.... I just don't want to...

Well you know... I don't want to upstage the Queen. We are still part of the monarchy. ;-)

I couldn't afford to throw a party for just myself....for a lot of reasons.... ;-)

Me neither... I think I'd also have a hard time making 10,000 cucumber sandwiches for the garden party...

you'd only have to make 9,999, or you could have mine..... :-)

WTG Kiteman and Eric !

Ah sorry Mike, I did not remember the "name" as oppsed to the moniker. *blush*

Does it last more than 15 minutes?



6 years ago

That's awesome, good for you!

Brilliant! I'm so proud of you.

Hey! That's awesome. You got a quote, your name and the image! That's better than a lot of people will ever manage to do in the New York Times.

Show it to the Queen and get Ye Knighthood!

Ah, she's too busy having a street party...


6 years ago

Jolly good