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I'm leaving (again) Answered

Well everybody, I'm leaving again. This time I'll be gone for over a month to Iran. I will have dial up, but I won't be very active here. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a few more ibles before I leave on Tuesday. Robot is also coming (in two of his shirt, and 2 of his patch reincarnations).


He's on his way back! *rushes to find rolling pin and apron*

make sure he signs in and posts something before he retires for the night....we need visual conformation of his safe return :-)

He'll finally have the MacBook and wireless..................do you think I'll see him for more than the drive home before he ( and the Mac ) disappears into his den!
*sighs, rolls faster and faster* That pie better be really good.

If you make it SMELL really good, you have a better chance of getting his attention LOL

*adds more cinnamon to the blueberries* Do you think the smell of the pie will be enough to overwhelm the stench of the weary travelers??!!

That depends on the person....it would for me *I can smell them from here - Yum* :-)

YAY!!!! I got bored without him... But you talked to me, so it was cool

Linus4x0r just sent a text---he's landed in the Windy City! *grabs rolling pin and dances around the kitchen*

Sigh.......delays mens Linux4x0r misses his flight in London.......so arrival home delayed a day. *wipes tear with corner of apron*

I'd say it's a tossup....young adult male hormones ..phhhewwwwww

This isn't meant to offend or anything: But, isn't Iran kindov a bad place to go at the moment? I mean, I have nothing against Iran, but the U.S. isn't in very "high standings" with Iran right now...

Naw, I feel safer over there. Seriously though, America isn't in the position to do anything to Iran right now. Just as long as McCain doesn't F this country up.....

You also don't realize how powerful Iran is compared to all the other countries in the region. Besides, wouldn't you want to go before something happens than wait until its too late.

Thanks for your concern, but I don't find it an issue (besides, I've been going every year for the last 6 years)
I think I'll be fine =)

Oh, Iran has the power. Lots and lots! But yeah, I agree with you, better go now until it isn't availible at all. Have fun! And I want pictures of the robot! Why? Because I do!

More like, Robot enjoys Iranian hospitality, eats "chello Kebab". Robot's stomach very happy. Robot says "dast-e-shoma dard na koneed"!

. Welcome to Ibles, linuxmom! Care to translate that for us English monoglots?

Ah, son, you understand me so well..........

Thanks for the welcome. Literally "don't hurt your hand." Right LinuxH4x0r?

Okay, maybe that Middle East phrasebook might come in useful after all.........

Well, if you want its still not to late to change it to Farsi. :p

Robots with moving parts and sand don't mix.

They only need an oil bath - I've seen Star Wars.

Oh, he's got to do something extreme in the local geography!

We'll see when he gets there... Sand dunes are closer here!


10 years ago

Well have fun! It sounds like a good trip.

SIGH...I've heard the speed over there is really sssssslllllllooooooowww. Poor boy....at least your new instructable t-shirt has arrive. Oh son, remember your manners and say, "Thanks, mom, your the greatest.What phrase book did you say you wanted?"

"yes son, I'd love the middle east phrase book!" See you all soon!

He's got to being going loco........no internet yet, son????

Hey take care and enjoy yourself.


10 years ago

Military? Have fun!

I dunno, that's why I'm asking. :-)

Not for military. My dad and his side of the family are from Iran. I was born here, but I go there every year.

Aww, neat! I only get to go to Kansas - a far cry from your destination.