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I'm leaving! Answered

I'll be gone from this Sunday to the next, away from all civilization and technology (at least it feels that way) in the small town of Salina, Kansas, home of wheat. I'm leaving to celebrate my grandpa's 100th birthday! I will have no access to computers, so don't expect anything coming from me during that time (not that you expected anything anyway....) I'm bringing my camera and tripod, as I did last year. Does anyone have any cool photographic ideas or other things I can do out in a wheat farm or on an airplane? Any iBle ideas? Thanks, and bye, Bran.


You could draw something in the wheat field (like an I'ble Robot head) and take a pic of it from the sky. =o)

100th birthday ?! Wow ! He must have seen a lot of things. =o)
I wish I'll live so long (and healthy !)

100th birthday ?! Wow ! He must have seen a lot of things. =o)

Yup! Two world wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Depression - and more. Pretty crazy, eh?

Wow... must've been depressing... sorrry to go off topic but your comment was on my birthday!

jeez, thats kind of scary if you think about it, all that happened not all that long ago...

About the past 90 years - depends on how long you determine "not that long ago" to be.

i mean in the big picture of things. he has went through everything we think was ancient history.

Yeah - it sure is something, isn't it?

ya really, i mean if you think about it, Hitler took power only 60 years ago(might be more or less)

I believe it's somewhere around 75 years, but I see where you're going.

Have your Grandpa help you do an ible on how to live to 100!!!

We asked him last year how we could live as long as him, and he replied: "Well, don't smoke, don't drink too much, and don't get too damn fat."


10 years ago

Panoramas, HDR photos..


10 years ago

Wheat angels? Look around for any cool DIY things they might have and make sketches so you can write up Instructables on them later :)

Engrave some things onto a grain of wheat, and take a close up of it ? :-)

Take pictures of crop circles.

You could take arial shots of the landscape. (I just deleted those pictures from my library too, this is the only one remaining.) The window might smudge or blur the image. Other than that, I'm not sure. You could take epic pictures of wheat...


Have fun! No ideas right now, let me sleep on it