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I'm looking for a gadget to charge a laptop battery and then disconnect from mains when the battery is charged? Answered

 I want to leave my laptop charging 24/7 its basically a desktop replacement.  I want to leave it plugged in to charge when the battery is not full but to stop charging when the battery is full and then of course pick up charging it if i should use the laptop and the battery once again become depleted.  For one I don't want to waste electricity however little that may be "vampire electricity" right?  Secondly I don't want to decrease the battery life.  Third- I'm lazy.  Unplugging a cord, come on that's too much work.  If you could just give me a working link to such a product that would be great.  Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Coming up with something that disconnects a relay when power draw drops below some critical threshold shouldn't be hard.

The complicated thing would be turning it back *on*. You, or the laptop, would have to take some explicit action to do so. To automate that you'd need a program tied into the laptop's power monitor API, plus some form of connection between the laptop and your power isolator box.

Certainly doable. Might even be useful. Among other things, the best surge protector is to unplug the device when not in use...


2 years ago


I think this intructables is what you need



7 years ago

First, Laptop battery is a smart management, more than 80% of the electricity (different brands will be different); the external power supply is not its charge.
Second, If the case out of the Ministry of External Power quality problems, voltage suddenly increased, laptop battery can cushion to avoid the more important parts of the motherboard and other damage, the battery can also purchase, not so easy for the motherboard

Third, if suddenly encountering a power failure, remove the battery, and then it means that the computer suddenly loses power, although the possibility of damage is caused by small parts, but maybe you are doing the work to start from scratch.

Fourthly, some laptop battery is also the machine’s pad feet, removing the laptop on the table may affect the use of comfort.

From: http://www.laptop-battery.sg/