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I'm looking for a good craft project for 3&4 year olds to do. This is meant to be a mother's day gift. Any suggestions? Answered


Sidewalk paint/chalk is always fun, also if you paint or do any craft and have left overs, design a craft based on that. My kids have had me to make them newspaper hats, then they paint them and wear them until they are in tatters. You could mix diluted paints from what you have on hand or buy kids' paints. I am always looking for stuff to entertain my precious monsters, but most things lose their interest quickly. My kids' preschool is smart about this; they have the kids paint on a paper, then ask them what shape they want their paper cut into, so they have funky, awesome hearts, flowers, clovers, etc. silhouettes handing all over the walls, and the kids always know which one is theirs. Hope this helps.

At the risk of being a shameless self-publicist, can I offer a few of my own instructables...

A scaled down, individual version of the artwork shown here is well within the capabilities of 3-4 year olds - https://www.instructables.com/id/Kids-Polystyrene-Wall-Art/

Or, give them blank 'fairy doors' and let them embellish them in their own way. See here - https://www.instructables.com/id/Fairy_Pixie_Elf_Leprachaun_doors/

Like SFHandyman suggests, little fingerprints (on mousemats, calendars, bookmarks) will be treasured for years to come. I would go a step further and suggest that a grown-up draws around the kids' hands. This could be a gift in itself or multiple hands could make a 'rose'.

Hope this helps.

Hand prints in plaster of paris is always fun and easy.

Finger paints. Mom is going to be able to easily display them as long as she wants, and when she wants to move them to storage, they will keep well. When she pulls them out 40 years from now, she will be able to see their little fingerprints. She will probably recognize the personalities of the adults they grew into. They will naturally love doing it and do what they like. It's the one piece of artwork a 3 & 4 year old can do that won't have the imprint of the adult who guided them. Have them sign the corner of each drawing with a full hand palm print. Add glitter if they are the kinds of kids who would love that. Preschool kids are not all clean, neat and finished perfectly. They are a bit of a lovely mess - like finger paints.

Add glued on shapes, and get the kids to "sign" their name inside the card as well, it will feel grown up. If they aren't messy children, use chalk on black paper. If you feel like letting them express themselves wildly, let them draw their massage large on the ground (patio, path etc) outside the house, then take a digital photo of it from an upstairs window, and make the photo into a card as well.

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