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I'm looking for a good, trusty pocketknife. What do you recommend? Answered

 I want a pocketknife put don't know which one. I can't decide between one with a good blade, or a lot on functions/tools. Please help!



Best Answer 8 years ago

"Gerber artifact". Hands down.

Get it at target for about $10, It has one blade which can be removed and replaced with standard X-acto #11 hobby knife blades. It also has a pry-bar, bottle opener,lanyard attachment point, and a screw driver.

The blade can be removed when you are traveling in an airplane. No more mailing it to yourself or buying another knife when you go commando style into the Amazon.


 Is the blade that it comes with good?

Leatherman MUT. The Leatherman 850122 MUT Tactical Multi-Tool, 18 Tools features numerous areas that are threaded for cleaning rods & brushes, and all of the screwdriver bits are the perfect size for both standard military and civilian sighting adjustments. The Leatherman 850122 MUT Tactical Multi-Tool offers a wide range of tools ensuring you will never be caught off guard. The tools included are: Electrical Crimper, Large Bit Driver, Bottle Opener, Carabiner Clip, Cleaning Rod/Brush Adapters, Replaceable Carbon Scraper, Replaceable Firearm Disas

The Leatherman Freestyle is VERY NICE!!!! I have one, and though it doesn't have many functions, the blade is razor sharp....and has stayed that way for quite a while now.

Also, the manufacuter's Gerber and Winchester both make some nice, high quality, pocketknives and folding knives.

The Gerber EAB is another small one with a replaceable blade.  Also around 10 bucks.


X-acto knife blades will last longer. Box cutter knife are not made of very hard metal.


8 years ago

I collect pocket knives and have around 200 in my collection. Many I inherited from my Dad, others I've bought new and when I go to yard/garage sales, I always inquire about pocket knives.
Now as to your question, what do you want to do with it?  Wood carving, whittlin" something to clean your finger nails, etc.There are hundreds of styles and blade patterns.
A large knife, 4" or larger main blade?
Medium, 2" to 3 1/2" main blade?
Small, 2" or less main blade?
Do you want one with an easy open blade or, locking blades, tools, or a multi-tool type?
Any price range preferences?

 Thanks guys i think im getting the leatherman juice s2 but thanks for your suggestion. I decided i wanted a multi-tool.

I use a Leatherman Juice XE6, but #1 son uses a Gerber Crux.  Both good knives, but the Leatherman is smaller, and has a better saw.

Figure out what functions you are actually likely to need at a moment's notice, buy a knife that meets those specific needs; for others, walk to the toolbox. (If you overbuy, you not only spend more than necessary, you wind up with a knife that's bulkier than necessary.)

I carried a smallish swiss army knife for years (what sold me on it, actually, was the saw blade). I currently carry a smallish leatherman since I find the pliers useful; it's less good as a knife but for my needs it's a good compromise.

Go out, get your hands on a bunch of tools, ideally try using them (borrow from friends?), then decide. Then immediately stop looking at others, since it's guaranteed that as soon as you plunk the money down you'll start second-guessing yourself and that Isn't Useful.