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Im looking for a good way to carry quite alot, preferably on my back, any ideas? Answered

Me and a few friends are going to a music festival in July and we will be camping overnight so ill need a tent, a sleeping bag, preferably pillows (or a substitute) and a separate bag of other things. I would prefer to carry it all on my back as it is easier and we have to get the train there so compact is key. 


also, if using a moded pack, build a wooden frame frame and put it inside the pack.

sorry to be blunt, but any good quality backpack with a waist strap works best. if necessary, you can simply sew a strap to a regular pack; but i'd still suggest the former. it's a lot more comfortable.


7 years ago

well, i reccomend a backpack, as everyone before me. for a pillow substitute:take your clothing and put it into your sleeping bag stuff sack at the end of the day, and it makes a pretty good pillow. i also suggest that you look up the boy scout 10 essentials. remember, rain gear is always a must!

hope i helped.


8 years ago

Take a day pack with clothes, soap, and tooth brush. Also, add a roll of garbage bags. A pillow? You have one on each foot!

You will want a pack frame and good straps, including a hip band. If you pack a lot of weight into an "ordinary" backpack, the load will be carried on your shoulders, and there will be a bending moment trying to flip you over backwards. The combination will be stressful, tiring, and potentially injurious.

A good pack frame transfers most of the load onto the top of your hips (pelvic girdle), which is the strongest structural member in your skeleton.  Once you've got that, it's a matter of putting things into and onto your pack in a way that distributes the weight relatively uniformly, and allows you to get access to critical items without having to unload everything.

You should be able to find numerous backpacker Web sites with guidance on these issues.  Try "loading backpacks" as a search string, then add more keywords as you see what comes up.

Good advice. There are also some backpacking-related instructables; I haven't looked at them so I don't have much opinion on them.

Also, of course, you want to be selective about what you carry and how much of it -- think about reducing weight by jettisoning things you don't really need and finding lighter-weight alternates or ways of combining things that are also useful separately.

Both good answers. I'll second both of them and add start right now carrying the loaded pack to build up your muscles and get used to it. If you wait till the day you leave you won't get to the street. It's much harder that it looks.

Why do you really NEED all that weight on your BODY??? cant you pile all your stuff onto a kind of 2-wheel cart that will roll BEHIND you? Now with all the weight OFF of your body, you can carry a few more necessities. Make some kind of detachable strap so the cart can connect to your belt or suspenders. The American indians used to carry heavy loads by using 2 long poles they would drag behind their horse. Lots of stuff piled onto the poles and very little weight on the horse. They didn't even use a WHEEL!!! Maybe some variation of these ideas will solve your problem i hope.