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I'm looking for a high volume, small size air compressor but I can't find a good one. What do you guys recommend? Answered

I need an air compressor that has an EXTREMELY high CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating. It is for an air-powered exoskeleton (crazy idea, I know). It needs to be pretty small, backpack sized if possible, It doesn't need that big of an air chamber (fire-extinguisher sized). Continuous run is a must. Powering it shouldn't be a problem because I will be carrying ~ 30 pounds of Li-ion batteries for running the compressor. I also won't be needing more then ~ 100PSI. Weight is an almost non issue, I wouldn't mind a 20 pound compressor, I'll probably remove the frame anyway, so that will take away some weight.



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I think you'd want a gas-turbine driven centrifugal compressor. I don't know what these cost or weigh, but not quite this.
This thing is only 3.17lbs, for example, but only produces hot air...


I think I might get this: http://www.aircompressorsdirect.com/Jenny-GC5A-60V/p3829.html And slice off EVERYTHING and just keep the compressor and safety release valve.. Replace the motor and tank with something closer to what I need.

The one  you highlight don't run on DC, and needs 3.7kW to run it. Few people realise that compressed air is very  expensive to make.

Removing the receiver is really going to put all the effort you need on the compressor, and it won't get the rest it would normally get.

Hydraulics is the way to go. The pump would be pretty tiny.


I was thinking about that, but hydraulic systems are too stiff.

What do you mean by "stiff" ? To me and Nacho that means "controllable" and "precise"

By "stiff" I mean not good for a form fitting exoskeleton. If it's for something like the Raytheon Sarcos exoskeleton, that's fine. But I'm looking for something closer to the Crysis Nanosuit. I don't having a large backpack, but I don't want to lose flexibility.

.  I agree about going hydraulic. The overshoot and "ringing" of a pneumatic system would make gross movements difficult.