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I'm looking for a particular board game Answered

Hey guys, this looks like the right place to ask, my buddy wants me to find him this board game he's played before and it's called Weed Wars

The desription of the game is there, but no where I have found will tell me where I can buy the game! Does anyone know where I can buy this game up in Canada? Or will I have to buy it online, I figure that would be possible if I could even find the company that makes the friggin game.

Thanks anyone if someone knows what game I'm talking about!


Look around on Ebay. I'm sure that if people can find half-eaten mints, you can find Weed Wars.

I had talked to my buddy that wanted the game, and a friend of his that was there told me to look around on ebay/amazon (apparently amazon has auctions now too!)

It may be similar, and I thought that was the game he wanted to, the dopewars game for pc, but no he wants the actual board game.

Yes they're related of otherwise versions of I think? Someone might be selling one somewhere, but I wouldn't think they're easy to find. L

Well snap, perhaps I'll see if he will settle for dopewars.