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I'm looking for a programmable wrist watch that would allow me to set a countdown remotely. Any ideas? Answered

 Ideally, the watch would be cheap and even disposable. Not sure what wireless transmission would work best, i.e. wifi / bluetooth / other? 


What kind of device would be receiving the signal, and for what purpose?

 Hey all - thanks for the tips - I found that watch shortly after posting my question. And no, it's not for a timebomb. I'm trying to work out a new race-timing system for a small fitness community. Typically they use small rfids attached to shoes, which get read at the starting and ending lines. But its a pretty expensive system. With the wristwatch system, everyone would synchronize their watches at a central point and then go to the starting line. Then the watch would count down and they could run when the alarm went off. 

That's pretty cool. Using the rfid system, I'd be tempted to just take of my shoe and throw it at the finish line....

.  Whoa! That is tres kewl!
.  If steveastrouk has a good experience with his (ie, it actually works), I may order one.

"Out of Stock" :-(

Printed the manual out for look, it's a very interesting piece of kit.

Shoot!  Well, it's still very much an active product, so watch out for it to return to stock.  I imagine it's been extremely popular, especially at that price!

Time to plan some ideas - its already got "power point" control, PC mouse control etc as standard. I see a gesture interface for the house in it.


That IS a seriously intresting piece of hardware isn't it ? Ordered one to play with ! Thanks !