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I'm looking for a simple way to control servos, with minimal electronics, and no programming, am i hoping for a miracle? Answered

I'd like to be able to control a few different servos for a project i am considering, but I'm not too hot on electronics (i can solder, but i don't understand the principles of how it all works) and i don't know any programming. is there a way to control them in a direct way, i.e. push a button, turn 90 degrees? I'd also like to have more analogue control if at all possible. can anyone point me to an instructable? or help me understand what i need to do?


Do you mean hobby servos, which usually rotate back and forth over less than  approximately 270 deg.?

Or servomotors, which include brushed DC motors, with encoders attached, which rotate continuously?

If you only want to manually control them, I have an analogue circuit based on simple parts that will do what you want.



8 years ago

i have this awesome device called an iobridge. its basically amicron controller hooked up the internet. it takes all the programmingout of the picture, and it is really easy to control... you go to a website, and it gives you a step by step wizard to make the code up for you.<br /><br />http://iobridge.com<br />

That's a pretty interesting product.

 i have one, and it is amazing. im not sure what your project is, but it might be overkill... but you can also add temperature sensors, light sensors, relays and a whole bunch of other stuff. i love mine.


8 years ago

Your best bet would be to buy a dedicated servo motor controller.  Get one that is the correct size for the motors you have, and with the inputs you need.

Buy a cheap r/c transmitter and receiver.  You need as manychannels as servos you want working at the same time.  If two aredoing the exact thing you can put both of them on the samechannel. 

Not the least expensive way but certainly the easiest way.

There are ways to control servos using electronics but I don't have anyof the at my finger tips just right now.  I'll come back later ifany thing surfaces.

Now that I think about it, it is going to be hard to build something tocontrol servos unless you want to use a micro computer like an Ardinuo (sp?).<br /><br />Now, if you used stepper motors you could do the same thing and get thecontrol you wanted. You can build the circuit to control them oreven buy a kit of parts with instructions.<br /><br />This <a href="https://www.instructables.com/tag/?q=servo+controller&limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&type%3Aid=on&type%3Auser=on&type%3Acomment=on&type%3Agroup=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&sort=none">link will get you some instructables</a> servo control.<br /><br />This <a href="https://www.instructables.com/tag/?q=stepper+controller&limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&type%3Aid=on&type%3Auser=on&type%3Acomment=on&type%3Agroup=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&sort=none">link will get you some instructables</a> on stepper motor contollers so you can look them over and decide for yourself.<br />