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Im looking for a thermostat that has "child thermostats" tht can communicate with each other for a house without "zones" Answered

I want to be able to control the temperature in multiple rooms without "zones" with a themrostat that has multiple child thermostats (being able to access them remotely via ethernet or wifi would be a plus) Say room A is 60 degrees F and room B is 65 F i want to be able to set it so Room A is atleast 65 and room b is no warmer than 69 F . Any ideas??


You are looking FOR zoning. There is no way to do this without stopping airflow to the colder rooms. If you want a 65 degree room, you have a 65 degree house with one zone. No thermostat will solve this for you alone.

Honeywell has a system that will do just that, wired or wireless. I bet many of the parts could be hacked (or otherwise used) for your own purposes. Don't know how much the system is, but I bet it is pretty spendy.

You need to have adjustable vents, or some way of forcing more air through specific vents (like duct fans). Or space heaters : )