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I'm looking for an affordable and complete 3d printer (or CNC) kit for under $550. Any suggestions? Answered

I just want something small for my little projects, nothing fancy. I want a kit because it's cheaper, and I love putting things like that together. It just needs to come with every part necessary for it to run (electronics, mechanical, printer head, frame, etc)   I'd be fine with a two-axis CNC machine kit within that range too if it had its own spindle. I'm looking at this right now:



Check out the PrintrBot project on KickStarter. It may already funded, but I believe it will meet your goals.

There is a huge disparity between price and quality at these low price points; Most of the systems are in the >1000 range so the new micro-affordable units are much awesomeness. I'm really wanting to get an ultimaker -- but the 1700CAD unshipped price is very prohibitive.

Yeah. I don't want to make anything that's of very high quality. Just things like simple little gears, connections for different materials in my projects, and maybe enclosures. I'm a high school student, so I'm just looking for something cheap to get me started in the area of 3d printing and CNC machines.

Gears are particularly HIGH quality parts if you want them to work.

+1. But still, hoping on this subject cause I want the same thing :) Saw this on engadget a couple weeks ago.

I think you would be better off looking on Ebay (buyer beware!) fr a small format laser cutter.