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I'm looking for cheap audiophile headphones? Answered

I want some cheap audiophile headphones to listen to music from my laptop.  I'm unwilling to spend more than $100 on them but that doesn't mean I want to spend $99 on them if I can avoid it.  I just want the best sounding over the head, earcup, noise cancelling headphones i can get for the cheapest price.  Do you know of any?  I already tried cnet and it was sorta helpful but you're probably more helpful.  Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

In reality, what you pay for is what you get in headphones. Price in the audio world is all about how many drivers the manufacturer crams into the headphones and how good those drivers are. The cheaper the headphones, the cheaper the price. Here's an article explaining the phenomenon from Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5371253/giz-explains-why-you-cant-get-decent-earphones-for-less-than-100 You're probably not going to want to get sound cancelling headphones either if you're going for less than $100, because you just don't see great sound cancelling headphones under that price. I would probably recommend sound isolating headphones because while they don't cancel sound, they basically act as earplugs and allow you to be isolated when listening to music, hence the name. Also, headphones can get pretty clunky as opposed to earphones which means that they can put strain on your neck if you listen to music for long periods of time. What I'd probably do if I were you though is check either your local craigslist or ebay listings to see if there are any good deals on sennheiser or bose headphones, since those are world-renouned for their quality in headphones, especially sennheiser. If you do that it's probably just a waiting game. You could research the headphones that you want, over $100 or not, and then just keep checking, you're bound to get lucky eventually.

I'm not aware of any good noise canceling headphones under 100$ new. I have the Sennheiser PXC 250, which is around 150$. You might be able to find something used or refurbished, but cheap and audiophile don't often go together. You can find some passive noise reducing earbuds for less than 100$ that sound decent.

Whatever you do, never buy skullcandys. There's $30 sennheisers which are pretty cost-effective. Also, just ask store employees if you can try them out with an mp3 player(if you don't have one, try to borrow one), if they say no, just go to another shop. If you can't see if their products are what you need, don't buy anything from them.