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I'm looking for some ideas... I have a digital camera with a broken LCD screen... ? Answered

7+ mgpix digital camera... everything else (funtions, settings, etc) works perfectly... what would you do with it? (turn it into a web cam, use it as a security cam, etc)? It has all the typical settings of today's digital cameras - movie/landscape/nighttime/fireworks/beach/snow/action/macro... it all works, but the LCD screen was crushed. Any thoughts or suggestions? What would you make with it?


Attach it to a telescope or a microscope. Plenty of instructibles on here and with the telescope you can use a finder scope to point it..

Just pretend it is disposable camera: -no screen -if it gets lost or ripped apart with your bare hands, it no big deal.

If your camera has a video out port, you may be able to plug it into an external screen to substitute for the broken LCD. While this might tether you to a TV (unless you have a battery-powered one), it should be enough for you to adjust camera settings. When taking photos, you should be able to use the manual viewfinder on the camera without too many problems (just remember to take an extra picture or two like you used to in the pre-digital age)

After reading over my own post, I just had the mental picture of your camera turning into one of those 19th century cameras where you hold the camera up in the air on a short rod, while you stick your head under the curtain to aim and focus (by looking at a little portable TV that you have wired to the camera and mounted under the shroud). This sounds like a retro-Instructable waiting to happen :)

Phil B

9 years ago

I am assuming the LCD screen was your only viewfinder. If the camera still takes pictures, you can still use it. Just look over the top of the camera when composing your pictures and imagine a wire frame viewfinder. Do not crop too close. Do your reviewing and deleting on your computer. If you need to view photos out in the field, get one of those little pocket picture frames and slip your card out of the camera and into it. Replacing the LCD screen would probably cost more than the camera is worth.