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Im looking for tips on lighting for video? Answered



There are tons of books on the subject.  While most of them deal with professional lighting equipment, the techniques they teach can easily be modified for work lights or other consumer fixtures.  Filmtools.com has a good collection of books for sale, as does theasc.com (found under "store") and cinematorgraphy.com (found in the "Students and First Time Filmmakers" subforum).  Amazon.com will have every book ever written on the subject, but you'll have to sift through the bad and the ugly before you can find the good.

If you are interested in a career in professional film and video production, then I would suggest staying away from the "low budget" and "guerrilla" filmmaking books.  You'll learn a lot more skills that will have long-term usefulness from books geared towards professional production, rather than amateur production.  However, if you're just making videos for your website or blog and want to know how to make them look nice, the low budget and guerrilla books will work just fine for the most part.

make it the closest to how it would be if the film was reality. if the light is directional - there should be shadows of approprite darkness from the appropriate direction and so on try to make more light than needed - dark films are bad (and the balance in the camera isnt the ultimate solution) when using discharge lamps use 3 phases supply to avoid beat effects for example for sunlight use sunlight (best) or a bunch of metal halides placed together. for cloudy day surround the place with linear fluorescents (better) or cfls. for night city with police car nearby you need flashing red and blue lights and weak yellow light around (sodiums or halogens with very strong filter and aimed at walls for indirect light)

discharge lamps = fluorescents metal halides and other lamps that make light by electricity discharge thru metal vapors. most high power outdoor lamps are like that. cfls are discharge lamps too but dont have most of the issues of other discharge lamps

metal halide = type of high power lamp used in many outdoor floodlights. it makes white light that is good for taking photos but flickers at 100 or 120 HZ so can be problem with video filming. dont confuse with halogen - its entirely different lamp. halogen is not discharge lamp

Hi, I just started making videos too and I did a lot of reading about lighting and other issues. I put the information that helped me best here, on a tips page: http://www.quilt-video.com/about/

I really like the video by Tim Carter from "Ask The Builder".

My videos are all taped indoors, so I bought daylight rated florescent bulbs and I put them in clamp lamps (Walmart or home improvement store). I clip them on to whatever is nearest to get good lighting for my scenes, which are usually close-ups.

Best of luck to you!

It depends on the video. If you are doing a shot where the people are in chairs or standing on a set, the key thing is to make sure there is close to equal lighting form both sides and the front. This way, the people on tape do not look weird because of shadows on half of their faces. Do you also need types of instruments to use?

yes I need types of instruments to use

yes I am just starting out and have know idea what Im doing. Any help/Info/resourses would much appriciated