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Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder? Answered

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up. I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?


I saw that but either i am confused or its not documented. where is the actual joystick control? it looks as though its an auto pan that moves a little, takes a picture, then moves a little, takes a picture, rinse and repeat. THats very close to what i would like to do, but its not controlled by anything other then the code itself. If your saying i can program the code to follow the joystick commands, then thats great, do you know where i can find info on that?

Actually, I think I'm the (slightly) confused one. Sorry for the misdirection.

You're right that the two servos are controlled by the PicAxe, which is not what you need. The joystick output should directly replace the PicAxe circuit -- the X lines from the joystick to the panning servo, and the Y lines to the tilt servo. However, modern joysticks seem to have more complicated digital output, not just a variable voltage/current.

A Google search turned up lots (lots) of $300 commercial products, and (on page 6 :-( ), the following 2006 discussion forum post, http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Rec/rec.models.rc.air/2006-03/msg00963.html . It might provide useful followup links.

in my answer " use parallax or other servo controller and aerial photography rig (many designs all overe the web and make magazine) and you need roborealm to interface the joystick to the servo controller" you can use his rig and and my answer .and it may be simpler to use an anlog joystick witch is 4 switches left--right up-down