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mini STROBE LIGHT ideas??? Answered

I'm looking to make a small strobe light unit. I once saw them in the Target bargain for $2.50 around "Back to School" time in the Fall. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to modify the strobe unit from a disposable camera and turn it into a working disco type strobe light?


I have wanted a stroboscopic tachometer, with an output counter,for decades but they cost abut $300 I believe.I played with one in a shipyard about twenty five years ago. You could 'freeze' motion or slow it down, if normal light and persistence of vision merged it into a blur. With the counter display you could tell how fast a motor or other device was moving. Any ideas y'all? TY I am electronicly lame,so...


10 years ago

Sure. A bunch of people have done conversions for model rockets, planes, and such. Here are some of mine. (see also the Downloads page)


Dude, that's a great idea, but how the heck do you make them? I'm guessing you need a disposable camera, right? Get back to me ASAP, cuz I really want to make one of these.

No they're not. They're from assorted disposable cameras, on new PCBs. (See the downloads page from my link.) The procedure goes like: 1) acquire an empty disposable flash camera; remove the flash board (being careful not to zap yourself.) 2) replace the mechanical trigger switch with a SIDACTOR 3) optionally, remove components from original PCB using solderwick or similar, and mount them on a new (appropriate) PCB. Note that you probably need a different PCB for each camera/strobe type; the transformer size and pinout changes somewhat dramatically.

oh, electronic goldmine had strobe kits that looked like that

only if asap means waiting 2 weeks ;) I need to order a new usb charger from them, lost my old one.

you need a disposable camera atleast for the flash lamp if you want fast strobe (like once in second) you need to charge the capacitor fast with mains ac power or high power inverter the flash lamp and capacitor are not designed for running so fast. they'll likely overheat. you may need some cooling (heatsink and fan / maybe water cooling) for the lamp + better capacitor. reduced capacity means lower heat of both lamp and capacitor but lower flash power

Hey, thanks for telling me how to make them. Now I can use this to do what I was trying to do...switch activated-instant flash. Now all I have to do is get a switch and a disposable camera. I've heard you can get used ones free at places like walgreens or walmart.