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I'm modding a battery-free android phone but I have some problem ? Answered

Sorry for my bad English :)

I have an old Android phone and I want to use it without battery inside, so I do a little mod based on diagram in the following picture. Everything works fine but I have some problem, when I unplug the 5v adapter from wall socket and plug it back in, I can't turn on the phone using phone's power button. Only when I disconnect the battery circuit from the phone and reconnect can I turn it on using power button. What's wrong here ? Sometime I need to unplug the adapter but i don't want to disconnect the battery circuit from the phone :(
Thanks for your help :)



Best Answer 3 years ago

Wall-Wort Adapter voltage starts near zero and climbs slowly when plugged into the outlet.

Your phone expects the battery at near full voltage when connected.


Problem's still there. I have tried this today and it didn't work :(

Last easy thing to try, is adding an electrolytic capacitor to ""beef up" that supply with the switch and cap physically close to the phone.

I might also try to RUN using a battery as a reference on the other items.


Thanks again. I will try it today :D

Phones are usually 3.7V, your 5V must be messing it around requiring a hard reset.

I use a 1N4007, a battery circuit to set it 3.7v - 4.3v and it works fine :D