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I`m new, preparing my first Instructable! Guitar wooden case Answered

hey people I`m new to instructables, I`m currently working with my girlfriend on making two wooden hardcases: One for her Gibson SG guitar and one for my Strinberg CLB25 Bass and I`m documenting great part of it so I can make an instructable when they`re done! They should be ready by next weekend, anyone interested in making their own case for their guitar or bass guitar be on the lookout next week!


Wooden hardcase for Gibson SG?! Need need need. I've been trying to make one to replace the beat-up case I have now (which I fondly call my anti-theft device), and I have been unable to make a decision as to the best way to shape the sides. I'll be on the lookout for 'em!

nice one! sounds like a hard one, so well done for taking it on!,

Sweet! Welcome to instructables!

Nice! Can't wait to see it