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Im new to nerf moding nerf guns so I need some simple mods. I also need tips on making fast cash. Answered

If any one could give me a few starter tips on some simple but effective gun mods that would be great. i curently have two dart tag pistols so any mods for those would be most welcome. I am also very low on cash so if anyone could tell me how to get fast cash that would help me alot


You could probably buy a nerf nightfinder, they are only about $12 AU ($8.50 US?) and there are many instructibles on modding them. Happy modding! Oh, and if you are someone who follows the rules, don't mod it. it actually says not to on the gun.

I don't know any good mods 4 the nerf guns,but you could earn cash by collecting can and turning them in.I made $20 by just going to the park using sticks to pick through garbage cans