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Im not leaving. Answered

Just a quick update. im not leaving instructables. ill be moving towards the airsoft area of this site.


I know right? How are your posts doing that?

keep your name the same, as if you change it loads of people will be confused

+1. Something similar would happen if I decided to change my ibles name to my KI name lol.

i rarely use it and i messed up with it so its the same here but im inactive on it and i will be making a new one soon so when i do get around to making a new one ill pm you my name

well I would always be like, who is this guy?, I swear I never had that conversation with him

well I am pleased you are staying, are you going to be doing airsoft instructables now?

are you still getting the M14?

Ive had it over 3 weeks now...

you are now a Russian spy!...... or a shortened version of knex gun builder but, how is the m14 is it every thing you expected it to be or........


ill consider it =D ill probably change it within the next day or two.

Why? Everybody knows you as "knex gun builder", so you'd end up explaining to lots of folk who you "really" are.

Take me - I hardly ever build kites these days.

lol, suppose.....

Yeah, might as well keep your user. For example, I never play Linerider anymore but my Youtube is still masterofthelines though I did make a new one. I also rarely use Dunkis as my username anymore, I prefer my real name Duncan or a Dunc and then do whatever to make it usable but I didn't bother changing it here because of how many times I've been referred to as TD and how confusing that'd be to new people.

Anywho, you'll be back. I know it. But have fun with airsofting.

I dont think ill change it to be honest lol, thanks!

I don't quite understand the interest in airsoft, because there's no way a clearly determining if you hit someone or not. The only reason I see any interest in the sport is simply the equipment.

Well IMO it beats knex by alot.....

It goes like this: Airsoft>Knex>Paintball.

Yes. i preferd knex ages ago but im more into weapons now, and i want to learn more about them.....

Can do both at the same time. Heck, trying to implement realistic features of weapons into K'nex helps.

kinda leart some stuff about guns from knex lol

It's an honours system, plus you know when you get hit, you put your hand up an yell so people know you've been hit, the unsportmanlike will continue to load into you even after they know you were hit.

Because it's cheap and the weapons are realistically designed. It's also less painful. Usually we play in t-shirts and shorts during the summer so it's easy enough to tell if you've been hit. You can poor through hundreds of rounds of ammo for mere dollars. And then I personally care more about how the guns look than how they shoot. I've had a few guns just lying around my room because they were more fun to collect than actually do anything with.

Glad you're back!

Thank You for not leaving! 5*

you could be airsoft gun builder