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Im selling my knex. Answered

Well..... yes, im selling my knex. i just dont have enough time or ideas for projects. im also in my 2nd last year of school and i will be getting alot of homework taking up most of my spare time. ive also moved on to airsoft, and i am planning to buy an AEG. for now, ive put advertisments in some irish ad sites. if they dont sell, i will most likely put them up for bid on ebay. ive just over 5800 parts and they are all in great condition. ive also thrown in a big bag of rubberbands and 3 rolls of 20m tape (each). i was just wondering what people would bid if they were to if it goes up on ebay. i will stay active on my account until they are sold. after they are sold, i will not be active on instructables. i may come back every once in a while just to see hows things are going. on a final note, thank you to everyone who has supported me during my time on instructables and i enjoyed talking to you all! (my account may be handed over to someone, im not sure yet, ill decide that in the future)

-picture 1: all of the parts..........
-picture 2: big / tiny parts / instruction booklets etc..........
picture 3: another view.
picture 4: another view.
picture 5: another view.
picture 6: another view.
-picture 7: gears / wheels / chain links etc..........
picture 8: another view.
picture 9: another view.
-picture 10: connectors..........
picture 11: another view.
picture 12: another view.
-picture 13: rods..........
picture 14: another view.
picture 15: another view.


(Screams) You have the Pirate Ship Park?!?!?!?!? I've always wanted one of those! How did you get it?

Yes. got it in some toy shop like 3 years ago for €25 brand new :D

by the way man, you should really sell the types of parts individually, E.G. sell all 5-way connectors together, separately from other connectors. i think that that way you'd sell stuff faster, 'cause honestly, if i wanna buy k'nex i don't buy sets... i buy online for a much cheaper price and i can even choose individually exactly what parts i want. check it out: knexusergroup.com
i'm just saying, i for instance, don't do ball machine... i just don't like them. and you have a lot of ball machine stuff that i would just throw away if i had bought it all. so think about it, and maybe you'll sell faster.

i think like 20 USD per kg would be fine? if so, i might buy...

Sounds good. how much would you pay for the whole lot?

20 bucks for each kg. if i decide i'm buying, i'd like you to weigh the whole lot and i'll buy 20 bucks per kg. say it's 3.7 kg i'd buy for 74 bucks. (3.7X20=74)

hey man. i just talked with my parents and sorry... i can't buy your parts. i hope you'll find some1 else though. good luck ...

I Would buy a load of gears, ALL the ball machine kit and ball machine stuff, motors and elastic bands.

Say 3 big gears, 8 middle and like 2 small. Ball machine kit: Motors,balls,tubing,tubes, you know.

The bags of elastics. And a couple of bits and bobs. For like £20? That a bit low?

hey um just a question what are you doing with your instructables acount

thats darn annoying, if u say tho

kk done then.

How about if its not bought in eBay or in ireland

Ok. But As a last resort then ill do that deal ;)

You are not selling your knex you are a knex legend you will not sell them you will regret selling them and want them back you just lack inspiration what you need to do is just wait until something pops into your head just please dont sell them