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I'm seriously jazzed about making LED toys n such for my kids. I have no idea where to start with basic electronics. Answered

I want to learn basic circuits, soldering etc. to make LED toys and whatnots for my boys. This would be a fun thing to learn and share in the coming winter months when we're stuck indoors. Can someone recommend a good book or guide? Thanks in advance!




7 years ago

This is a great place to start, especially when combined with this and this and this.  Have fun!

I book i recommended to someone else is electronic projects for dummies (not insulting your intelligence) and it has LED,small DC motor and other types of projects i also suggest you learn how to solder and practice because to do some of the LED stuff (in general not just the book) you need to know how to solder WELL and then once you feel comfortable with soldering look on ibles this site has so many LED projects its not even funny and if you come up with something new post it! also remember safety I noticed you said you had kids make sure they are not around you when doing projects and soldering they can be burnt very badly remember to take all safety precautions such as wear safety goggles and stay in a well ventilated area when you get your soldering IRON (not gun) get the lead free solder and remember to get a soldering iron holder just so you can be safe and always keep water around

There are literally a thousand projects here on ibles that involve leds. Anything from just powering them on to making them do more complex things like fade (limiting current or pwm), blink, or even act in reverse as light sensors. https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-technology/channel-leds/