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Im sorry but.... Answered

Look guys. Im gonna cut straight to it. Im selling my Knex. Well Im going to. Im getting bored of it now and I dont have must time anymore.

Im sorry.

But before I give it up I want to impress you guys, you know, just as a leaving gift. I want you to give me an idea for a project. Something awesome, big, crazy, impossible!

Thanks for being so supportive throughout my Knexing career, and I am sad to leave it behind. Thanks guys. I mean, even though I dont know you, your like a family to me :-) That may sound cheesy but it's true.

Thanks :-)



Y'know you'll probably get back into it again later on. The only way I'd sell my K'nex is if I were really short for cash which wouldn't be a good situation to be in in the first place. Then I'd probably sell all of my pokemon cards I have yet to get rid of first. Oh well. K'nexers come and K'nexeres go. I have no time to welcome and mourn over each one of them. Have fun doing whatever. If your K'nex need a loving home, I know the perfect charity you could donate some to. *cough* ...just a few?

OH NO!!!!!!!

Are you still going to be on the site?

Maybe you should get some Legos, when I get bored of Knex I get interested in Legos. Then after a while I get bored with those and go back to Knex, lol.

But, being serious, you'll probably regret selling your Knex if you do. One day you'll want them again.

Try building a train. :-D I also gave more ideas on what to build on another one of your forum topics.

Oh my f-cking god! thats exactly precisely what i do!  I go from a knex mood to a lego mood, though ive been sticking with knex for a while since i discovered instructables.

I know, it's a continuous cycle. I also get interested in 3D puzzles. :-D

That i am not into, though sometimes i go into Marklin model trains with my dad, which is really fun.

 A full-auto gun that is not a bunch of micro guns fired in rapid succession  ie a full-auto with one ramrod and a regular mag.

I have  seen some pretty impressive ferris wheels, and coasters,  how about an entire fair grounds? 

You do realize how many parts that would take right?

He DID say:   Something awesome, big, crazy, impossible!

:-)   but maybe then a small park

I don't think anybody would have enough parts to make an entire fair grounds with MULTIPLE amusement rides. 

Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell when people are being sarcastic or not. Anyway I meant if it is knex, is that Mepain's knex?

Yes I was. It's hard for people to tell whats sarcastic and what isn't on the internet. Yes that is his, no I don't think that is all of it.

Enough to make coasters, ferris wheels, and other misc. rides at once?

Well, I guess that is where the impossible part comes in ;-) 

Still, I didn't mean full sized.

Why not? If it is a scale model and people combined knex it might work.


8 years ago

im selling my knex soon enough to buy a pellet gun.....

okay... don't you have anything else you could sell? If you do sell them, sell them to someone who can use them.

no, not really.. well i have two lego sets worth about 30 euro...

Hmm, you have a lot of k'nex, right? How about you take my project PAWS and put it on 'roids. I'm talknig POWERED ARMOUR! Or at least some kind of self-reloading machine gun...

I was thinking I would do the same, K'Nex is just not for me, I got great ideas but I can never find a way to pull them off good. I'm not going to sell my k'nex though, they might become useful to me :)

Give them to me!  Plz?

can I have some yellow cons (I only have about 50 :(  )


8 years ago

I'm selling my knex to....

Well I hope you stay on instructables and maybe make something using other materials :)

But whatever you do, DON'T SELL YOUR KNEX!

Keep them for a nephew or maybe some kids you might get one day. I do the same with my knex and lego's, they are great toys and they are timeless. I can't think of a kid that won't like building things with such versetile playthings!

It's like a kid that never played with wooden blocks... It's not natural!

Plz don't gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:( I have an idea u build knex robot