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I'm sorry for saying this... Answered

Okay, first off... I realize that just lately i've being saying I've made/I'm making certain guns, the reason i haven't posted any is because they either look messy, or aren't very good at all, now to make up for that, i am going to make a fully auto, and it will fire elastic bands ( to see if it will work) then i will put a magazine on it, if my friend comes online on msn tonight i i can speak to him, and then if he comes around tomorrow then i will work on it with him


Strange, you haven't posted a machinegun yet and its been over 6 months. THE IRONY!!!!!!!!!

Strange, indeed. It's also more strange that I never said I would post a machine gun, I said to make up for it I would try to see if it would work. Read the info before you post pointless comments that are meaningless.

What is? Being an annoying menace to society? :P But seriously, I never said I'd post a machinegun. So I don't see the irony. Also stop necroposting.

Posting on something that was posted a long time ago with no fresh posts from the OP, eg. This one.

If you think this is a 'dead' topic perhaps it would be a good idea to delete it? L (Saying "am going to make a fully auto, and it will fire elastic bands" is probably causing the pointless comments)

No one deletes dead things, why delete a dead topic? :P But fair point. I'll consider it.

the irony, oh the irony....

i don't see anything ironic about this.... are you sure you know the definition?

yes. he said he was sorry for not posting the guns he said he would and then says he'll post a gun.....

still not really ironic, just changing his mind...

He has a name, and i am going to post a gun, tomorrow hopefully, and i don't think you believe me, do you?

yes i do.... i never noticed you did that in the first place....

Meh, well i've said stuff, and i think its time i posted a gun instead of talking about posting guns

yeah. GO FOR IT! this time, you should get bigger pics....

He said bigger pics!

dude he told me what he meant so shut up =]